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The Turks & Caicos Islands boast a variety of kiteboarding conditions. Friendly to beginners of the sport and those taking lessons, we have shallow flat-water bays with consistent winds. For the more experienced rider, the nearby Turks & Caicos Islands offer countless miles of backcountry mangrove islands, lagoons and even reef break that you can kite.

The Turks and Caicos has much more to offer than just Long Bay’s kiteboarding beach.

To take full advantage of your time in The Turks and Caicos, hire a KiteProvo guide for an epic day of kiting.
All of our excursions (max 3 riders) include:

Transportation Guide / Instructor Gear Drinks and Snacks All fuel costs


A hidden beach near the Northwest point of our island offers one of the most secluded kiteboarding locations in the Turks and Caicos Islands. With miles of undeveloped national park beaches, it is ideal for anyone looking to break away from the crowds. The KiteProvo Team has exclusive rights to this amazing location.

NorthWest Point kiting trips are ½ day adventures. Here you will find sand bar’s with small waves to ride, great snorkeling and 3 miles of untouched sandy beaches to explore. For the foodie….ask about a post- riding stop to one of TCI’s favorite local hot- spots (Da Conch Shack or Three queens).


BOOGALOOS is not only one of the Turks and Caicos most popular restaurants, but also a phenomenal kiting spot. Boogaloos restaurant sits at the end of a large shallow bay (yes, you can stand in ½ the bay). While you are sure to see loads of wildlife, you will not see any other kiters. Enjoy a fresh lobster tail or conch fritters after the adventure.

Visit BOOGALOOS very own 2 sunken ships, mangrove channels and famous ‘5 Cays’


Located on the south side of the island, Turtle Tail bay is another kiting location to visit when looking for flat water. It is a protected shallow bay surrounded by miles of beautiful iron shore. When the wind direction is right, you can ride straight out to the ocean.

GRACE BAY …. $450

When the North or NE winds are blowing, its off to the world famous shores of Grace Bay. Ideal for the more advanced rider, Grace Bay will give you swells to chop hop, shore break to surf and miles of beaches to launch and land from. Advanced riders can venture out to the north shore reef to ride waves. The reef’s waves come in multi layers at times reaching 6-10ft high. Pictured on the right is pro rider Dimitri Maramenides riding the north shore reef.… a challenge for even a pro rider.

If you want to go to somewhere special only accessible by boat, visit Kite THE LAGOON page


Want to see all that the The Turks and Caicos has to offer? Hire the guy who was a founder of kiting in these areas (minimal of 3 days….$750/ day…. Max 2 riders)

2 days on the boat (trip to Lagoon, North Caicos, Boogaloos, downwinders… your choice) 1 day exploring Provo’s kiteboarding spots (outside of Long Bay… like North West Point, Turtle Tail, Grace Bay, Conch shack… your choice)
To take full advantage of your time in The Turks and Caicos Islands, hire Mike for a customized and extreme kiteboarding experience. With Mike’s local knowledge, you have unlimited options for epic adventures.