Private Lessons

Lesson Times Are Not Flexible For Your Safety & Success!

We are not able to move the lesson times. Lesson times are not flexible. All of our online booking calendars are orchestrated to show the perfect time for your lessons.

Since this is true for EVERY lesson and SUP tour, perhaps you can design an attractive text box, graphic, or someway to graphically put it on every lesson page so it is highlighted, but not lost in a text paragraph.

How to Choose the Proper Lesson

Why Choose Kite Provo?

Private Kiteboarding Lessons

Fully Customized to Fit Your Needs!

If you have already had a kiteboarding lesson before, this is the perfect next step! Tailored to not only fit your goals, but the one-on-one setting allows our instructors to adapt a teaching style that fits your learning style!

Also the perfect choice for kids or anyone under 120lbs so we can customize the experience for your lighter weight!

$175/hr 2hrs - Duration

Perfect Step Two!

Private Kite lessons can be for any skill level but are strongly suggested for any lesson beyond the first lesson.  If it is your Very First Lesson we suggest our Fast Track Lesson(make that a hyperlink) Each private lesson is a customized experience using Kite Provo’s step-by-step learning pathway techniques!

These Private Lesson spots are all at LOW TIDE times to ensure you can stand and walk with the kite

Perfect Step Two!

Realize our instructors are not only PASA certified instructors training in communication, but are top level kiteboarders. They combine these skills to create a learning pathway for you to break down complex things into a step-by-step progression for you.

$175.00/hr booked in 2hr spots

Select Book Now to see available dates and times !

If you can ride upwind see our Progression Lessons(make that a hyperlink)  These are Private Lessons, but scheduled at High Tide so if you want to learn to jump, hydrofoil, or advanced instruction, book our Progression High Tide Lesson.

Note:  If you are a beginner, we suggest you look at our two Volume Discount Packages/

They can be booked as private lessons but are bundled in 10-15hr packages at a discounted price.

Island Bill
Great instructor+perfect setting=perfection SJ and the Kite Provo crew are friendly and offer fantastic instruction. The crew are great instructors. SJ helped me reach a breakthrough with transitions and the setup- including newer gear in great shape along with shallow warm water is perfect for any kiteboarder. Top-notch!
George B
Excellent experience, booked directly I had 5 two-hour lessons with the Kite Provo team in early December 2021 as a beginner kite boarder. Kite boarding can have a steep learning curve, especially for older guys like me. With their excellent teaching (and a lot of patience), I got up during the 4th session, and look forward to moving beyond beginner stage. I booked my lessons directly with them through their site. Here is the thank you note I sent: Dear Chris, Kristen, SJ, Mawi, Astro, and Jerry (and everyone at Kite Provo): Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job helping me struggle through being a beginner kiteboarder. I am so impressed by the quality of your teaching, your patience, kindness, and care in making sure things get done right even with the inevitable chaos all around. I very much look forward to trying to go to the next level as soon as I can.
Christian B
Amazing Introductory Private Lesson My son and I had a great introductory lesson with Mawi! He took us through all the early stages at our pace, and it really cemented our desire to learn kiteboarding and make it part of our journey. We will be back!
RobbedPerson 🙁
Idyllic kite spot with great instructors! Absolutely gorgeous place to learn or to improve your kiting skills. At low tide it is so shallow that you can easily recover and walk to your board. This is huge as it allows you to work on water starts and speed control without constantly exhausting yourself by treading water or body dragging. The team are so kind and welcoming. I had some of the best lessons I have ever had with Mike and SJ and improved so much in a few sessions. I will be back for another week to kite at high tide!
Morgan S
Amazing Kite school. Amazing instructor. Lots of fun! Kite Provo was exactly what I hoped it would be!!!! I started on day 1 not knowing a thing and by day 2 was up for my first ride. By day 5... I was having some super fun runs and really enjoying myself. My instructor, SJ, was superb. She was very patient, supportive, fun and by the end of the week... I had learned how to set up my Kite, put it away and everything in between. Can not recommed this place more highly.
Good Service great customer service, we rented two SUP for the week. good boards, good service, Highly recommended
SUP Eco Tour- My favorite activity I did on island I did the SUP Eco Tour. Probably my favorite activity I did on the island. Gorgeous scenery, great information about the area and eco system in that area. Beautiful wildlife and friendly, knowledgeable tour guides. Chris and Maui were great guides. definitely recommend this. But try to book ahead, they can only do one tour a day, weather permitting. I ended up seeing 27 sea turtles, 2 lemon sharks ( one baby one older), 1 barracuda and a baby hawksbill turtle.
Vincent Yu
Vincent Yu
The instructors were excellent, patient and encouraging. My daughter and I took both a 5 hour beginner session, as well as a private 2 hour class. We got to the point of getting up on the boards, very exciting! Chris and Maui (not the correct spelling), and Jerry were professional and nice. It was an excellent experience!
Charlie Stuart
Charlie Stuart
The instructors are professional, instructive, friendly and most importantly patient with all of my incessant questions. The business is located on an amazing beach. Training takes place in shallow waist-deep, clear (82 degrees F) water with a soft sandy bottom that stretches for miles. It's a dream setting for learning how to kiteboard.
Laura Rosenberger
Laura Rosenberger
Spent 3 days kiting with this amazing group. "SJ" is an incredibly patient instructor, excellent communicator for beginners, fun, enthusiastic and an excellent kite boarder herself! HIGHLY recommend this company. Professional, flexible, easy to contact.
Doug McNary
Doug McNary
Great experience and program for learning how to kite. Highly recommend them.
Rick Kotze
Rick Kotze
I had three lessons with three different instructors. All three instructors were phenomenal! Also - I can't imagine a better location to learn the basics.
Diogo Cadima
Diogo Cadima
I signed up for the fast track lesson and it was a great experience. The instructor was very knowledgably, patient and well as a jokester which made it that much more enjoyable. Would highly recommend!!

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