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Message from the owners:

Kite Provo has gone to great lengths to assemble a team of instructors that consists of the most experienced and qualified instructors you will find throughout North America and the Caribbean. Some or our instructors date back to the creation of the sport itself.  We hire people that share our business philosophy of “Taking a Personal Interest in the Success of Each Student”  In addition, Kite Provo has extensive training integrated into our business to ensure our instructors are the best and live up to our motto: 

“At Kite Provo – Our Instructors Make the Difference!”

When you choose Kite Provo, be confident that our wealth of knowledge of the sport ensures that you get the best learning experience possible!  In addition, Kite Provo uses only the newest and safest equipment for teaching.  Since 2004, we have refined our teaching program to what it is today. We follow the standards of the international kiteboarding organization, PASA (Professional Air Sports Association).  Students can be assured they will learn everything they need to know to become safe and independent kiteboarders. The KiteProvo Team looks forward to having the opportunity to introduce you to this exhilarating and exciting sport!

Co- owner of KiteProvo

Kiteboarding since 2004
As a Florida native, I have spent the majority of my life on the water. My free time has always involved water- related activities such as kitesurfing, fishing, diving, snorkeling and surfing. I first learned how to kiteboard at the age of 12 and have been addicted ever since. My learning experience was very memorable and exciting. As an instructor, I strive to instill the same excitement that I felt while learning this adrenalin- filled sport. Kiteboarding will always be a part of my life. I hope to have the opportunity to introduce this lifestyle to you.

PASA certified instructor Level 1 since 2012
PASA certified instructor Level 2 since 2013
ASI (Academy of SUP instruction) certified Paddleboarding instructor through WSUPA (World Stand Up Paddleboard Association)
Assistant instructor since 2010
Snow and water sports enthusiast
Kite and board repair specialist
Avid PADI certified diver

Co- owner of KiteProvo

Kiteboarding since the conception of the sport in 1999. Chris’ passion for the sport is only exceeded by his genuine personal interest in his student’s success. This passion is evident as he operates KiteProvo with Mike Fox.

Chris Moore has been involved in kiting professionally since 1990. He has been a business owner, professional athlete, entertainer, instructor, kite designer, and established the PASA, instructor certification program. His background started as a sport kite competitor/athlete, which took him all over the world and earned him the title of USA Master National Champion twice.

He has trained and certified over 1,000 instructors and has taught many thousands of students to kiteboard. He developed a formal teaching method that he used to build PASA and then taught others to adapt his successful methods. This has become the official certification system in place today.

Chris operated one of the United States largest kiteboarding resorts, the Kitty Hawk Kites Kiteboarding Resort from 1999 to 2014. Chris moved to Providenciales in 2014 after being enchanted with the amazing kiteboarding and SUP conditions available at this crowning jewel of the Caribbean.

PASA Master Examiner and Instructor (Professional Air Sports Association)
Instructor Certification and Training since 2003
Kiteboarding since 1999

Jerome Holtkamp (AKA Jay)

From a very young age, J had a passion for traveling. He truly enjoys experiencing different cultures from around the world. After leaving Canada in 2010 to backpack around Southeast Asia he became a PADI open water scuba diving instructor. He was ready to continue his journey in hopes of finding his own slice of paradise. 

J was hooked on kiting even before his first lesson. Sitting on Boca Grandi Beach in Aruba, watching the kiters move on the water as their kites danced around, he will never forget that day. Soon after, kite boarding started taking over, he found himself on the windy shores of the most beautiful group of islands in the entire world, The Turks and Caicos Islands. Kiting has really enriched his life and he loves sharing his passion of kiting with others. He is very focused on making your learning experience fun while helping you progress safely. 

Jerome joined our team in 2016 and oversees our daily operations. 

PASA Level 1 Instructor
PASA Level 2 Instructor
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Emergency First Responder Instructor
Lover of Animals
Semi Professional Couples Councilor 


With 10 years of teaching experience he teaches all ages in a safe an fun manner. He has a cheerfulness that is contagious and you can be sure you´ll will be 
highlighted when you spend some time with him in the wáter.

He speaks English and French and kids love him.


Her kitesurfing adventure started 12 years ago sitting on a beach in Tarifa and saying “I will never do that”2 years later went to Brazil and got up on a board and discovered it was an incredible sport and easy enough for everybody to learn.

In 2013 decided to become an PASA instructor and had the pleasure to see the kitesurfing taking off in Egypt. There she discovered her real passion was teaching and that people faces when getting on a board is the best regard anybody can get.

Since, she has traveled the world making people´s kiteboarding dreams come true and now she has found a new home at Kite Provo where she will keep making people happy.

“It´s never about doing it perfect but about having fun while you do it”

PASA Level 3 Instructor
PADI Rescue Diver

Enjoys a good glass of wine, loves eating and always appreciates a good conversation. Don´t forget to take her dancing eventually.

Kiteboarding since 2013

From the first time I saw kiteboarders on the Tulum beaches in Mexico, I was hooked. The sport was so beautiful to watch and looked like so much fun that Iwas immediately fascinated and wanted to know more. I knew right then and there that it was something I wanted to learn. As Ideveloped as a kiteboarder and became mre entrenched, I noticed that I always felt motivated to share what I had been taught – to witness people experience the sport for the first time and see that familiar spark in their eyes is utterly priceless! I’m blessed to be able to teach for KiteProvo on the most beautifully pristine beach of Long Bay.

PASA certified instructor since 2016
Paddle boarding enthusiast
Snorkeling enthusiast
Can teach in English and French

Photo credit : Sean Mollitt


Madis’s kitesurfing journey started in 2009, that was the time when he decided to turn completely new page in his life and moved from Estonia to Asia. The place 

where Madis fell in love with kitesurfing is called Borocay, he lived on this island for 5 years and during that time he was focused on improving his skills to become a professional kitesurfer and cable wakeboarder. He also ran there his own kitesurfing school, so he has a long and well polished  experience in teaching as well. 
In 2015 Madis moved to Turks and Caicos and started working for Kite Provo. Madis is convinced that Providenciales is a place like no other in this world, it’s a magical island where dreams can become true in a blink of an eye,  espessialy when you are a kitesurfer. Besides kitesurfing Madis also loves photography, he likes to spend time in the nature to gain good energy, he loves to travel and  discover new places. But at the end his favourite place is and  always will be beach because when you are doing tricks then  in a way being in the water is like being on the stage.

Kiteboarding Since 2010

I am young kiteboarder from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Kiteboarding has changed my life since the day I first got on the board. I have a passion for this sport and I love to share the stoke with others. Now, looking to begin a professional career and travel the world. I am thrilled to work for Kite Provo in Turks and Caicos and to help grow the kiteboarding community in a safe way.

2014 Canadian Freestyle Junior Champion
PASA level 1 instructor – 2015
Watersports enthusiast
Sponsored by: Cabrinha and NP surf


After teaching in the offshore winds of Aruba Tina has landed in the beautiful Providenciales where she is always at the Beach with a smile and ready to cheeryouthroughout all your lesson. Very supporive and entuthiastic she will get you on the board in no time.


Kiteboarding Since 2010

Jimmy is from Prince Edward Island, on the east coast of Canada and has been kite boarding for over a decade. On a vacation to the Dominican Republic in the winter of 2008, Jimmy happened upon a world kiteboarding competition and witnessed this sport for the first time. That’s all it took. His passion for the sport since that day has only grown.  After several years of enjoying the beautiful world class conditions at home and traveling to popular kite destinations around the world, he obtained his PASA instructor certification in Hatteras, North Carolina. Since then, he has been teaching lessons part time in Canada while maintaining a full time career in information technology. For the last three years, he has been coaching his teenage son Nicolas in preparation for the Canadian National kiteboarding championship where he placed second in the junior freestyle category for 2018. Jimmy is a very outgoing, optimistic and fun loving person who is always looking to make others smile and have a good time. He has taught students both young and old and he can’t wait to help you get the full experience of kiting in Turks and Caicos! One of the most amazing things about the kiting community is the type of people it attracts and the shared excitement that everyone can experience together through the freedom this sport offers.