We created the kiteboarding scene here as the first school and from day one we started exploring the archipelago to find every insane kiteboarding spot we could find.  Kite Adventure trips with Kite Provo includes private islands and secluded beaches surrounded by endless turquoise waters!  With all Kite Provo activities, we do everything we can to create a magical experience and develop friendships that last a lifetime.

Our Kiteboarding Adventures by boat are all boat led trips to various parts of the neighboring islands and backcountry secret spots. We can tailor the kiting destination around the forecasted wind conditions to best fit your ability and expectations. Lots of options and places to explore that are only reachable by boat & kite! Our secret kiting spots are mostly found in the outskirts of our neighboring islands.

Our boat led Kite Adventures are the only way to reach these amazing back country spots!  A great kiteboarding adventure offers a variety of hard to-replicate experiences beyond simply having stunning endless turquoise water.  At Kite Provo our truly world- class Kite Adventures offer a variety of special touches that cannot be had just anywhere, from our boat, to our captain or hire one of our instructors to be your guide!  Explore our neighboring islands to make an unforgettable day!

Note:  We strongly suggest hiring one of our instructors to be your guide if you plan to do a downwinder.  The downwinders are miles long through complex channels weaving through islands and Mangroves. You must have experience in the path to avoid going the wrong way and getting trapped or placed in an unsafe position.  Ask us about adding a guide to your Boat Led Kite Adventure!
We created the kiteboarding scene here as the first school and from day one we started exploring the archipelago to find every insane kiteboarding spot we could find.  
  • Price is for the boat not per seat.  It is up to you to provide the group of a maximum of 10 passengers.
  • We provide the boat, captain, fuel, drinks, and a lunch!  You would need to rent equipment and hire our guide/instructor if needed for the Boat Led Kite Adventures
  • You can also add a guide and one of our kiteboarding instructors will ride with you to ensure your experience is amazing!
  • Locations are determined by the wind direction and conditions of the day and the requests of the guests:

 Half Day

Morning Cruise: 9am to 1pm
$700 for 2 plus $50 for each additional passenger 

Afternoon/Sunset Cruise: 2pm to sunset
$800 for 2 plus $50 for each additional passenger

All Day Cruise: 6-7 Hrs.
$1,300 for 2 plus $75 for each additional passenger.

Sunset Cruise:
5pm to Sunset
$400 for 4 plus $30 for each additional passenger 


Kite The Island – We also offer Kite Adventures with no boat.  If you are interested in that look at our Kite The Island – Kite Adventures!

Like it REMOTE? Our backcountry spots scream EPIC!


The lagoon (also often called iguana island) is located on a small national park island; which happens to be full of wild iguanas! Accessible only by boat, this spot is quickly becoming one of the Turks and Caicos most well known kiteboarding adventure destinations. A 20 minutes boat ride from Long Bay will put you in the Lagoon’s hidden bay of butter- flat water; shallow enough in spots to take a private lesson yet deep enough in others to work on landing that new trick. To take full advantage of your time in The Turks and Caicos, hire a KiteProvo guide for this epic kiteboarding adventure.

The perfect location for a family- fun day when you want to get off the beaten path. Spend a few hours kiting then go explore and snorkel around the island. This is a must see location for any avid kiter and makes for a fun day with the family with the wild iguanas everywhere!


Located about 7 miles from Providenciales and accessible only by boat are a handful of deserted islands. The nearby spoiler banks and empty beaches are unarguably some of the best riding in all of The Turks and Caicos. Between the islands, empty beaches and waterways, you will find miles of shallow flats, protected slicks and nearly dozed hidden mangrove channels to kiteboard through. You will recognize this location from a few different magazine cover shots, articles and website from pro riders (and companies) who did photo shoots here. Intermediate to expert riding ability required.


(1/2 day trip)
Downwinder from Long Bay to Turtle Tail or Boogaloos. (boat supported; intermediate to advanced riders; 3 or 7 miles.

This is a locals favorite as we start directly from Long Bay beach and pass through 3 butter- flat bays. This trip we sell as a boat supported trip for safety.  Trip ends at Boogaloos (7 miles) where we will eat lunch or dinner(not included in the price of the trip).

MIDDLE CAICOS OVERNIGHT TRIP – Contact us for Pricing on this trip.

Looking for a true 2 day adventure? Travel with us all the way across the Turks and Caicos islands by boat to North Caicos. From here, we will rent 4WD jeeps and will drive across all of North Caicos, over the causeway to Middle Caicos and then continue driving across most of Middle Caicos until we reach our secret kiting spots. This is the most scenic and adventurous ride in all of The Turks and Caicos. This trip is best experienced when we spend a night at Mudjin Harbor Blue Horizon Resort . We have easy access to some of The Turks and Caicos best kiting right outside of Mudjin Harbor as well as a few other pristine untouched beaches nearby; one of which might be the worlds best kept kiting secret spot. Call us to get the details. This is sure to go down as one of your best kiting trips ever.






 Sunset Happy Hour Paddle Tours are the perfect way to transition from the day into the evening! The heat of the day has passed and now it is time to relax.

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The Turks and Caicos boasts some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean! Our crystal clear waters provide amazing visibility.

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