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Kiteboarding Packages / Camps

Book More in Advance and Save More!
Pricing as low at $66.66/hr with groups!

The more you complete, the more you save!
Valid on pre-booking the entire package up front and completing the lessons.

Spend more time on the water at a discounted rate

Become a Self Sufficient Kiter with our camp packages!  It takes most people 10-15hrs of instruction to become a self sufficient kiteboarder.  

Discount is based on per instructor, not combining a group with multiple instructors.

We can arrange a custom schedule for you based on the tides, just use our Book Now form to contact us;

View the Camp Itenerary in detail

Independent Rider – 10hrs

Booked as a 4 day Experience:
Day One & Day Two – 3hr Lessons
Day Two & Day Three – 2hr Lessons

Must complete all 10hrs to receive the discounted pricing.
If you are a group of more than one, you can share the instructor, the gear, and the experience with someone else in your group and save even more money!

1  person = Private Lessons $1499.00 ($150/hr)
2 people = $999.00 each
3 people = $799.00 each

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Ultimate Experience Camp- 15hrs.

3hr Lesson x 5 days for the Ultimate Experience!

Must complete all 15hrs to receive the discounted pricing.
If you have more than one person in your group, you can share the instructor, the gear, and the experience and save even more money

1 person = Private Lessons $1999.00 ($133.26/hr)
2 people = $1500.00 each ($100/hr)
3 people = $1000.00 each ($66.66/hr)

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Water Lover Package – Kite & Paddle

Combine Kiteboarding Lessons with an Eco-Tour on Paddleboards!

We combine kiteboarding lessons with an eco-tour adventure on paddleboards.
Perfect for the water lover that truly wants to experience the unique beauty of the Turks and Caicos Islands with some adventure.

Designed as a 4 day package:

Day One: 3hr kiteboarding lesson
Day Two: 3hr kiteboarding lesson
Day Three: 2hr kiteboarding lesson and an eco tour
Day Four: 2hr kiteboarding lesson

$1575.00 Each

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Packages / Camps Itinerary

Lesson times vary depending on tides, please book online to see the available times for your days or contact us via our contact form.


Day One:

Focus is on Kite Control. Learn how to fly a power kite, perfect steering, understand the wind window, and basic control of the kite.
Learn to set up your equipment – Part of being self-sufficient is knowing how to set up your gear safely and efficiently. Water Relaunching the kite, Sheeting combines with steering, and learn power strokes and how to create more of less power with the kite. Body Surfing and Water Starts without the board. Putting on the kite board. First Exciting Starts on the Board!


Day two:

Focus is on perfecting the Waterstarts in both directions. Learn to get just enough kite power so you are not overpowered or underpowered by following our proven four step method. We will focus more on the combination of Sheeting and Steering. Higher levels of focusing on the kite and your board. You will learn more about board control and your awareness of going downwind and upwind.



Day Three:

Focus is on Extending Your Rides in both directions. Longer more exciting rides. This also means pefecting your ability to stop in control. We teach you are proven method of stopping. You will learn more advanced board skills and use kite placement and sheeting to control the kites power.



Day Four:

Controlling Your Speed. We work on controlling your speed to be able to cruise at a consistent speed using kite, board, and boady movements. We also work more on your self-suffiient skills, to show you more advanced ways to put on the board independently, stop under control, and anticipate your movements before they happen.



Day Five:

Transitions and Upwind kiteboarding. Once you can control your speed, we will be working on stopping. Next, we translate this into going upwind and transistions. Transitions allow you to change directions without falling into the water and require more advanced board and kite control skills.

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