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Lessons with KiteProvo

KiteProvo teaches with state of the art radio communication systems 

Lessons Available in French!

At KiteProvo, we know that the instructor makes the difference.  We have assembled a team of extremely experienced instructors that match our philosophy of taking a personal interest in the success of each and every student.

Kite Provo uses state of the art teaching techniques combined with modern waterproof radio communication systems. We have found our radio communication systems to be far superior to noisy and dangerous watercrafts. This has virtually eliminated any need for watercraft as we can teach on the fly and be in constant communication with students. We can plan downwinders when desired or use our demonstration/performance techniques to create the best lesson available. Rest assured that you will always have an instructor by your side when taking a lesson with KiteProvo! 

What to expect as a beginner:

There are three primary steps involved with learning how to kiteboard. KiteProvo offers lots of different lesson- structure options for all learning styles and preferences. You will find the different lesson options below this paragraph.

Step 1: Learning kite flying fundamentals with a power kite

Step 2: Kite control and power strokes in the water with a LEI (leading edge inflatable) kite

Step 3: Water starts, riding and learning how to stay upwind

Everyone progresses at different rates when learning how to kiteboard. We suggest that you start off with 3 or 4 lessons. This will give you a great start. We will start you off on the land with a small trainer kite and progress into the water with one of the big kites (Leading edge inflatable). If you prefer to have lessons by yourself, one-on-one with an instructor, private lessons are available. If you have others with whom you wish to share the experience, join our “Fast Track” or “Bring- a- Friend” lessons. After the first lesson or two, students often decide to take private lessons. This becomes a more efficient way to advance your skills once your learning curve begins to move forward.


Those time are ideal for our tides. If the below times do not work for you, email us and we can make other suggestions.


The below lesson prices ALREADY INCLUDE all government taxes (12%).


2 or 3 person lesson.

Combines the following two courses.

Kite Fundamentals Course – 1.5Hrs
Water Course – 2Hrs
Valued at $500.00

We can try to combine you with another person if available.

3.5 hrs for 2-3 people

SAVE $150



Some students prefer the one-on-one attention of an IKO/PASA certified instructor. Private lessons are custom-designed for your needs and desires. Feel free to progress at your own rate without the hassles of small group lessons.

* Prices already include tax

2hr minimum

$175 / Hr


Bring A Friend

If you have a partner to learn with, we offer the “bring-a-friend” discount. One instructor will be shared between the both of you.  This is a great way to learn in the beginning, as you will both progress quickly by changing your scope of vision when switching the kite back and forth frequently.

Students must be at similar skill levels and ideally no more than a 50lb weight difference.

* Prices already include tax

2hr lesson or more if you prefer

$125 per person / per Hr


FAST TRACK..... THE COMBO SAVER (our most popular lesson)

Our FAST TRACK LESSON is designed for those who would like to pack in a full day of lessons for a DISCOUNTED RATE. This is the fastest way to learn. We will organize a special 1-day course (designed for groups of three people). 
Our instructors are trained in communication and use group dynamics to engage everyone in the course all the time as the kite is switched.  The group dynamics accelerate the learning process and also provides mental and physical breaks while still learning.
 Organize your friends or family into a group of 2 or 3 (ideally no more than 50lbs weight difference) as this is a great way to share the experience and costs with others. If you do not have a group, ask us and we can try to fit you in with others.

* Prices already include tax


3 hours

Group of 2

with option to include more

$350 per person

$116.66 / hr per person)


Hydrofoil and strapless surfboard lessons

Learn a whole new side of kitesurfing, riding a surfboard is not only for surf but also a great way to explore light wind riding.  It will re-energize your kiting and give you more depth to your kiteboarding.  Kite Provo will get you up and riding.

* Prices already include tax

$175 per hr


Kite Fundamentals

If you’ve never flown a power kite before, this will be your first feel of the excitement of kiting. 80% of learning how to kiteboard is in kite control. Different size kites make this available for everyone (even young kids). Have fun learning the handling skills to control a power kite. You will understand the fundamentals of the wind and how to fly your power/trainer kite in order to progress to your 1st in- water lesson. These skills can also be used for snow kiting, kite buggying, and land boarding

* Prices already include tax

1.5 hrs (small group lesson)

$150 per person


Watercraft Assisted Lessons

Perfect for getting “over the hump” of consistently riding and staying upwind. Your instructor will ride along side you on the jet ski. The wave runner allows your instructor to teach in constant close proximity to you and even use radio communication helmets to help advance you to the next level.


* Prices already include tax

2hr minimum


3hrs of unlimited $150.00



Already up and riding? Join our supervised practice program

Our ultimate goal is to get you, the student, independent of an instructor. Once you have achieved this skill level, you have the option to practice on your own, with supervision. You use our equipment while you practice the skills you have learned, under safe supervision of an instructor. Supervised Practice is designed for our previous students who can consistently ride.

* Prices already include tax

Minimum 2 hours

$75 per hr w/ your gear

$120 per hr
w/ our gear


Packages/ camps

Looking for a bigger experience? Interested in a multi- day experience? We offer packages just for this. 3 to 5 day options available for individuals and groups.

* Prices already include tax