Kiteboarding Downwinders

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The Turks and Caicos Islands offer endless opportunities to explore the nearby islands via kite. For the adventurous, a “downwinder” across these turquoise waters is considered the holy grail of kiteboarding. Donwwinders provide riders with new challenges, time to practice transitions, jumps and cover long distances. Our most popular trips are below:

All of our full and half day boat excursions include:

  • KiteProvo’s brand new 26ft “BIG AIR” boat
  • Guide / Instructor
  • Gear
  • Drinks and Snacks
  • All fuel costs

*Prices are for the boat and not per person, bring your friends for a unimaginable experience!



(Full day trip…$1,100…max 4 riders)
Downwinder from North Caicos to The Lagoon or Long Bay (boat supported; advanced riders).

This trip is certain to go down as the highlight of your vacation. We start off with a 35 minute boat ride from Long Bay to ‘The flats’ at North Caicos. The boat ride alone is epic… passing by 6 other uninhabited islands and to a spot that is miles from civilization.

We pump up on a flat and ‘warm up’ by kiting around the mangroves. Some kiters decide to spend the remainder of the day here… its that pristine. Should you want to kite downwind, the true adventure begins. The entire trip is through relatively shallow water, mostly less than waist deep. We will pass by small lemon sharks, countless bonefish, mangrove islands and hidden bays finally arriving 8 miles away at ‘The Lagoon’. Stop here. Ride the lagoon. Continue to Long Bay…. Its your choice. The guide and boat will follow you for guidance and safety.

Our most popular downwinders are from North Caicos and Boogaloos. Lots of hidden bays and butter- flat slicks!


(1/2 day trip….$700… max 4 riders)
Downwinder from Long Bay to Turtle Tail or Boogaloos. (boat supported; intermediate to advanced riders; 3 or 7 miles; 1.5 – 2hrs)

This is a locals favorite as we start directly from Long Bay beach and pass through 3 butter- flat bays. This trip is special as it offers exit points for those who get tired.

½ way exit points at Turtle Tail (3 miles) Or
Full trip ending at Boogaloos (7 miles) where we will eat lunch or dinner


  • Downwinder from Royal West Indles to Childrens Park. (intermediate riders)
  • Donwwinder from Turtle Tail to Boogaloos (intermediate riders)
  • Downwinder from Grace Bay to Da Conch Shack. (advanced riders)
  • Donwinder from Long Bay to The Lagoon
  • … contact KiteProvo for details

HIRE MIKE (for the truly adventurous and fearless)

Want to see all that the The Turks and Caicos has to offer? Hire the guy who was a founder of kiting in these areas.

(minimal of 3 days….$750/ day…. Max 2 riders)

  • 2 days on the boat (trip to Lagoon, North Caicos, Boogaloos, downwinders… your choice)
  • 1 day exploring Provo’s kite spots (outside of Long Bay… like North West Point, Turtle Tail, Grace Bay, Conch shack… your choice)

To take full advantage of your time in The Turks and Caicos Islands, hire Mike for a customized and extreme kiteboarding